We are happy to assist you with a private and corporate bank account opening.
Special offer - Latvia
Here you find our special offer for your urgent needs if you are from Latvia and you have been affected by the recent news concerning Baltic International Bank.
Services of your choice
Services of your choice
EUR 500 for private accounts
Bank account opening assistance – Latvian banks
(BluOr/ Industra/ LPB / Rietumu)
EUR 900 for corporate accounts
EUR 700 for private accounts
Bank account opening assistance – other EEA/Switzerland/Andorra banks
(a specific bank to choose depends on your profile and needs)
EUR 1500 for corporate accounts
EUR 50 for private accounts
EMI account opening assistance – EU/UK
(wide variety depends of your needs)
EUR 500 for corporate accounts
EUR 500 for private accounts
Bank account opening assistance in Turkey
(Emlak Katilim/Vakif Katilim/Ziraat/)
EUR 2000 for corporate accounts
EUR 150 for private accounts
Pre-approval report
It is a good start point to get your account opened. How it works?
EUR 250 for corporate accounts
We prepare KYB and/or KYC report based on your information and documents
We check with banks/EMIs if you are welcome or not to proceed with an account
If yes – you get full contact details of your onboarding manager as well as all the requirements you should fulfill to
The report includes up to 5 banks/EMIs
Special offer is designed only for Latvian legal entities and Latvian citizens, for the clients of BIB registered in any other jurisdictions the price is different – please contact our team
Identification method
Identification method depends on the bank/Fintech you choose
Required documents
Here is a basic list of documents, which you should prepare to open your bank account
1. Memorandum & Articles
2. Register Extract
3. Certificate of Incorporation
4. Tax certificate
5. Company licenses/certifications
(if applicable)
6. Power of Attorney
(if applicable)
7. Business profile describing your planned transactions, their volume etc.
(we provide you a questionnaire)
8. Bank statements from your current/previous bank accounts for at least 6 months
For each company officer (director, shareholder, UBO, attorney etc.)
9. Passport/ID card
10. Address proof
(utility bill not older than 3 months)
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