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Global and Regional Awards in 2021 by the Banker
The Banker named several banks that gained global and regional awards in 2021.
DBS - Global Bank of the Year 2021
Recently, DBS announced to set up a digital crypto exchange for institutional investors and accredited investors, known as DBS Digital Exchange. Such investors can get access to security token offerings, digital currency exchange and digital custody services.
DBS is a well-known digital bank headquartered in Singapore. It is named as the Global Bank of the Year 2021 for innovation, forward-thinking banking services, and market-leading technology services.
The bank demonstrated its features during pandemic where it managed to provide first class products regardless of Covid obstacles.
This service is available through DBS Digital Exchange on which DBS offers cryptocurrency exchange to convert fiat currencies to digital currencies and vice versa. Available fiat currencies are SGD, USD, HKD and JPY, while supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and XRP.
DenizBank - Regional Award in Western Europe
As a neo bank, it adopts new solutions to meet its customers' needs as well as to prepare for a more digitised future.
Thanks to its recent developments, the Banker awards DenizBank as the bank of the year in the Western Europe.
Founded in Turkey, DenizBank implements modern and emerging technologies on its way to digital banking products. Within the recent years it introduced corporate start-up engagement programmes, projects focused on developing an innovation-focused culture, application programming interface (API) technologies and a blockchain lab. In 2021, DenizBank launched a NeoHUB, offering technological and business solutions
OTP Group - Central and Eastern Europe
AOTP Group has recognised its responsibilities in the realm of green finance. In 2020, under the direct oversight of the group chairman and chief executive, OTP Group established an organisational unit known as the Green Programme Directorate, tasked with nurturing green banking operations on both the asset and liability side of the bank's activities.
The winner of the regional Bank of the Year 2021 in the Central and Eastern Europe is OTP Group. Over the last year it expanded across 11 markets. It offers digital and brick-and-mortar banking services which makes OTP Group unique for the markets.
NMB Bank - Asia Regional Winner
It also created a climate-focused range of services, for example, green loans at a discounted rate for individuals and businesses looking to own 'green' buildings.
NMB Bank is a bank from Nepal named as the Asia-Pacific Bank of the Year 2021 regional award. This bank introduced banking products powered by AI solutions, such as NMB Sapati small-ticket personal loans, providing automated loans to customers though the mobile app.
Santander - Americas
Santander was found in 1857 with the aim to facilitate trade between the Port of Santander and Latin America. Nowadays, Santander has enabled digital innovation initiatives such as Superdigital, a financial inclusion platform that aims to reach five million active customers by 2023. Using its innovative platform, this bank processes billion transactions in different regions of Latic America which secures its vast presence in the market.
Saudi National Bank - Middle East
Saudi National Bank is the winner of Bank of the Year for the Middle East for 2021, in recognition of both the landmark merger and its impressive performance in a difficult economic climate.
United Bank for Africa Group has gained its award thanks to its strong financial performance in 13 countries in Africa.
Grupo Financiero Ficohsa - Financial inclusion
Headquartered in Honduras, Grupo Financiero Ficohsa now operates across several Central American countries, with a large presence in Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua, where it develops credit card businesses or acquiring operations of international businesses.
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania - Banking in the community
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania supports social initiatives for the financial education of children in Albania which received the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Before the pandemic, according to the bank, it involved visits to 460 schools, involving 1300 children, to help students create simple financial plans trough group games. Activities centred on the concept of saving and managing expenses, but also learning about the circular economy and recycling. During the pandemic, video tutorials crafted for different age groups replaced in-person lessons and kept momentum going during a challenging time. The bank also showed commitment to working with women, both in terms of supporting their wellbeing.
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