Corporate bank account in Turkey
We are happy to assist you with a non-resident corporate bank account opening. Here are some information you should know about the process.
Identification method
A company shareholder or an authorized attorney should come to Istanbul to visit the bank personally.
This is a pre-scheduled meeting and we will kindly accomplish you and assist you until you get your company's bank account opened.
Required documents
Here is a basic list of documents, which you should prepare to open your bank account in Turkey if you are a foreign legal entity:
Articles of Association | Memorandum | Bylaws
Register Extract | Certificate of Incumbency
Certificate of Incorporation
Tax Board | Tax certificat
Company licenses/certifications
Power of Attorney (if applicable)
Business profile describing your planned transactions, their volume etc. (we provide you a questionnaire)
Personal documents for each of the company officials (directors, shareholders, UBOs, attorneys)
Address proof (utility bill or national ID card)
In case of corporate shareholder(s) the set of documents above is required for each legal entity in the structure.
Documents and information review; initial KYC, KYB and sanctions check; set up your profile and submitting full documents set to the bank for pre-approval of your company's business bank account.
For pre-approval, you should send us all the documents in scan copies and fill in a questionnaire. The documents should be in English, if not, English translation (no certification) should be provided.
Waiting time to get a reply from the bank after submitting the entire file is 7 to 10 working days
If you pass pre-approval successfully, the full documents set should be certified by Apostille or Consulate and send to our office in Istanbul
Getting this we give the set to the Turkish certified translator and Notary in order to submit the certified copies set to the bank
Normally it takes 5-10 working days depending on the volume of your files.
We schedule a meeting with the bank in order to open your company's bank account. Normally it takes from two to four hours to set up everything and you have your account opened the same day.
Which means that they can only get their pre-approval to the company's business therefore the risk of rejection related to the physical persons involved still exist.
Meanwhile we try to avoid it doing full KYC report for each company's official, therefore you could know in advance if such risk appears in your case.
Due to the specific compliance system in Turkey, the bank will be able to check the company's officers only after onboarding.
Important note
STEP 1. Review and pre-approval
STEP 2. Full documents set
STEP 3. Visit to Istanbul
Our fees
Low/middle risk business profile
Straight ownership/management structure of the company
EUR 2500
High risk business profile
Complicated ownership/management structure of the company
EUR 3000
High risk business profile
Complicated ownership/management structure of the company
EUR 3500
Translation and notary expenses are not included in the price. You will know your price in advance as soon as we get the full set that requires the bank.
In order to save your time and money we might recommend getting your pre-approval first:
Please note that this amount is non-refundable. If you succeed with pre-approval and willing to proceed, the pre-paid amount will be deducted from your final invoice for our assistance services.
Straight ownership/management structure of the company
EUR 200
Complicated ownership/management structure of the company
EUR 400
Additional services you might like
What's that? It is a type of legal consultancy which includes bank account assistance after the account is opened.
Personal bank account for the company official during his visit to Istanbul
EUR 500
Bank account legal consultancy and assistance feel
EUR 300 per month
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